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The Extraordinary Journey Of Vivienne Marshall

The Extraordinary Journey Of Vivienne Marshall

Katie Connell est une avocate extrêmement nerveuse dotée d’une vie amoureuse quasi-inexistante doublée de problèmes d’alcool, qui éclatent brusquement tous au grand jour lors d’un échec spectaculaire à Dallas, lié au procès dune star perdu d’avance. Pour fuir le Texas, elle s’échappe aux Caraïbes, bien loin de cette humiliation professionnelle, de...

A Journey Of Choice por Robert Heller

Learn all you need to know about successful delegation from decidingwhich tasks to delegate and selecting an appropriate candidate toensuring the brief is clear and the task is carried out to yoursatisfaction. How to Delegate not only shows you how to free your timeand motivate your staff but also provides practical techniques to trywhen delegating. Power tips help you handle real-life situations anddevelop first-class delegation skills that will dramatically improveresults and relationships. This innovative series covers a wide rangeof management and personal development topics. Each title is acomprehensive yet compact source of easy reference for all those in oraspiring to a position of responsibility with a focus on developingand enhancing professional management practice.


  • Título Del Ebooks: A Journey Of Choice
  • Autor: Robert Heller
  • Editor: Dk
  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 14.02.2019
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  • ISBN: 9781405352109
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